Gallery Barbara Giesicke

We are an art dealership specializing in European stained glass ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day and offer a wide variety of works to offer for every taste and interest, from museum pieces to smaller collectors' items.

Our inventory covers the entire spectrum of stained glass, from small-scale individual stained-glass panels (Kabinettstücke), to large-scale architectural glazing of widely differing formats, and contemporary art-glass pictures from the hands of different artists. We do not focus on a single period or theme, but solely on the quality and originality of each of the works that we offer. We work with our eye, our taste and our knowledge, to disseminate the meaning and beauty of art of glass-painting, and to raise awareness of it among art collectors.

All our objects have been carefully restored, as far as is necessary, and can be exhibited or taken into a collection without further expenditure, whether this be a private or a museal setting. If you wish, we can supply the panel or window with a light-box especially developed for this type of object, which allows it to be viewed without recourse to daylight.

Our gallery was founded nearly twenty years ago in the Upper Rhine Valley region, in the Markgräflerland, and nestles at the foot of the Black Forest. Our clientele includes numerous private collectors and public institutions.

If you have specific questions concerning one of our panels or windows, simply contact us via email, using the contact form. We will respond as quick as possible and look forward to discussing your interest.