Flambe! Illumine! Embrase!

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Blaze! Brighten! Burn!

This is the captivating and commanding title of a richly illustrated and scholarly monograph by Benoît Manauté, the first in the field, about the Mauméjean stained glass workshop.

The workshop, founded in Pau in 1861, had its heyday between the two world wars. Highly regarded by French, Spanish and American patrons and recognized with awards at international exhibitions, the workshop provided windows, mosaics and sculptures for about 5,000 cathedrals, basilicas and chapels. Benoît Manauté succeeds in rehabilitating this exceptional body of work, which for many decades has remained underappreciated, even derided, and unknown to a wider public.

You can order the book directly from the publisher, Le Festin.

The Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows in Chicago acquired a monumental Mauméjean window from the Barbara Giesicke Gallery.