Jochem Poensgen. Affinité/Wahlverwandt

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Reverse Glass-painting and Pictures in Stained Glass

12 March 2017 – 15 October 2017, Deutsches Glasmalerei-Museum Linnich

On the occasion of the 85th birthday of the artist Jochem Poensgen, the Deutsches Glasmalerei-Museum is mounting a retrospective of his life’s work, a project that has resulted from a collaboration with the Vitromusée in Romont, Switzerland.

Since the end of the 1950s, Poensgen (b.1931 in Düsseldorf) has been a freelance artist working in the production of glass. Poensgen is able to look back at an extensive and multi-faceted output that has enhanced in its own unique way numerous sacred and secular buildings at home and abroad. As a teacher in various countries, including Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, USA and Germany, he has helped many students find their own artistic paths.

Jochem Poensgen. Affinité/Wahlverwandt